The Idea Behind Free Beats For Life

  • Why Did we create this site?
    • To finally bridge the gap between us so You! can have access to great production for your projects ..
  • Why lease ?
    • I know most people are trying to get off the ground with their projects but budgets usually don't allow , So Leasing is a great way to have the proper production and sound for far less than spending 4k up to 8k for a song and not having anything left for you to use for promotion and radio ..
  • Why are you giving away beats ?
    • Well 1st thing is that i'm trying to give back to the art ..Who doesn't like FREE! I feel like people generally download the latest hot record out there anyways and make their own version and put it out why not just contribute and have original material for ya'll to use .

Pls leave feedback ,we are trying to develop and make it a website that will meet all your needs ,thanks for all the continuous support and lets make History!


Hugo Diaz - FBFL C.E.O.


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